DroboPro mounts with USB but not with iSCSI

I have a drobopro with the latest dashboard and firmware

When I start my drobopro with USB, it connects with the dashboard with no problem. According to the instructions, I am simply supposed to shutdown properly, unplug the USB and plug in the Ethernet wire (connected to my computers ethernet wire) and turn the DroboPro back on. When I restart the drobo, it seems like a normal startup, but then all the lights go out and the powerlight turns yellow. Then nothing. I can restart and the same thing happens again. I don’t get it. It connected on time but I have no idea how, but it will not connect anymore. Any help would be great!!

I have the same problem. Tried auto/manual IP address. Using manual IP address i get further in that Drobo dashboard tries to endlessly connect to the manually entered IP address.