Drobopro Media Server?

Hello all,

I am attempting to have my drobo pro found on my PS3… is there a way?

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if you have your drobopro plugged into a pc then you just need to run a DLNA sever on the pc and the ps3 will see that

The drobopro is currently plugged into a router but I think the only way is what you have proposed in your prompt response. Many thanks!

yes - the way you currently have it wired,the PS3 would have to support iSCSI AND it would be the only device able to access your DP

hi, try tversity or some other media server tools
(i recently got it and havent had time to try it out on my xbox/xbox 360 but from what i read so far it supports xbox360 and ps3)

Outstanding !

Reading all the responses here threw me in the right direction (I now have a ‘media server’ setup… it now has the benefit to be found not only by PS3 but all the other electronic devices in the house: note… those devices spread around was a technology I never played with; now, I understand… I think haha)



cool, what setup have you ended up with - just to explain a bit more about whats working for you?


Because I do not have much devices that requires to get data directly from DBP (other than PCs to DBP), I have elected to use the following Media Server (not because it is free… but because its versatility):

  • Java PS3 Media Server v1.20.412

For my setup, it works very very well… again that would be requiring to access DBP through a PS3 only. (dunno if it would work for other console).

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Hi All:

Refreshing a old thread here, but, I wish there was an easier way to setup Drobo as a media server. I too use PS3 Media Server and it works perfectly. But, I think it sucks that I have to have this running on a computer for it to be seen. I have " Shared" enabled, you owuld think that would be good enough.

Guess PS3 needs an inner face