DroboPro iSCSI connection to router - device not found

Help! I am new to the Drobo world but was recently given a used DroboPro. Following the online manual, I downloaded the dashboard, connected the device to my PC’s ethernet port, and opened the dashboard - device was found - yahoo! I then disconnected it per the instructions and connected it to one of the ethernet ports on my router. Now the device cannot be found. What did I miss? I am using Windows 10 with a DLink AC3200 router. Thank you for any assistance!!!

hi, if you can plug it back in to the computer again, and it still is found fine, then it could be something in the routers config that needs to be given permission?

here is a page with more info that might help:

there may be some more pre-configs to do though, as seemed to be the case on a droboelite, as per don here (but am not 100% sure if that applies for the drobopro though) but might be worth a quick look if still not fixed?