DroboPro in a network

a few days ago I got a beautiful black box, a DroboPro Box, equipped with 8 TB.
There is a network with a G5 server.
I started connecting the DroboPro with a firewire to the G5 server and made all the necessary things (format, I fix IP address, segmentation with 5 volumes).

All the volumes I can see on the G5 server desktop. Now I changed the firewire connection to a patch connection with a switch of the network. DroboPro works in the configuration also fine. I can with Carbon Copy Cloner make a copy of clients to DroboPro, but I don’t see the volumes on any client desktop. I would like see individual volumes of DroboPro on the clients. What can I do? Do I need a complete different installation of DroboPro?

I thank for any proposal.

Rudi Lehn

DroboPro as far as I know (I don’t have one) is not a file server on the network. The Ethernet is there for iSCSI attachment to the host computer, which would be running Dashboard. If you want to share volumes to other computers you have to do that from the Mac host computer using Mac file sharing.

I could be totally wrong here…

The ethernet port on the DroboPro is for iSCSI only. The DrobPro is not a NAS.

To share files that are stored on the DroboPro you need to setup network shares on your G5 server.

Also if your G5 server has a spare ethernet port then you will get the best performance by connecting the DroboPro directly to the spare port on the G5. This way traffic to the DroboPro uses a dedicated link separate to your regular network traffic.