DroboPro has power with 5 blue lights but drive bay lights not on

Hi everyone,

Really need some help here, I have a DroboPro that is connected to my network via ethernet. It has 16TB, running the newest firmware and dashboard. I was using 4TB (G: drive) for awhile. Decided to create another volume (8TB) to be the F: drive. The volume was create using the dashboard but it wasn’t formatted or mounted. Went into disk management in Windows 10 and formatted the volume. Originally i formatted it for 7.3TB and assigned it the F drive then decided to expand it to use the full 8TB using disk management and all of a sudden my connection to DroboPro dropped.

-Can’t connect to Drobo via dashboard
-Can’t access my original G Drive
-None of the drive bay lights are on

-I’m able to ping Drobo’s IP address
-Drobo has power
-Has five blue lights on

Is there anyway for me to access the Drobo without using the dashboard? I have 4TB of data that i need to recover. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

hi dennis, sorry to hear of what happened,

while i do not actually have a drobo pro myself, (and may be mistaken), i did see a knowledgebase article here that seems to confirm the thought that only dashboard should be doing the formatting, and no other tools for resizing partitions etc:

based on what is mentioned there, i think it might be best to try raising a support ticket for the support team, (which i believe can still be done via a paid-for ticket in case out of support if you would wish). i say this just because any other attempts at fixing, or processes, might make matters worse depending on what steps might possibly address this.

please do post back with any other info you can in the meantime, as there are several drobopro users here too, such as any other messages or info that the disk management may have logged etc, and which drives (sizes) you have in which slots, and what colours they were showing (and whether you had single drive SDR redundancy mode enabled, or dual DDR, and approximately how much space you had before setting up the new volume, and possibly how many blue led lights were lit if you can remember) and it may be useful to any one viewing this thread meanwhile too

So it looks like the issue with my Drobo is when i’m using the ethernet port, the unit goes into standby mode. If i connect via USB, the unit wakes up and i’m able to access my files.

hi dennis thanks for the update,
its good that you still have a way to access your files, though if you happen to have another ethernet cable, and / or another ethernet port, i was wondering if it will work via ethernet again… for example, if may be that the drobo’s port has developed a problem, but it may just be the cable or current computers ethernet port that had the problem?