DroboPro FS - Internal Problem/Mount Failed

I’ve a DroboPro FS with 8 drives.

I powered the Drobo up this morning after having powered it down yesterday via the switch in the back.

After not being able to access the multiple shares on my Windows system at \drobo\sharenames I attempted via IP, with same result

I’m able to get to the drobo dashboard from two different systems on the network, and discover an error message of “Mount Failed”

Per: https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/AA-01333 I am running a repair on the Drobo.

at the above referenced page, it states:

“Depending on the degree of damage to the file system, the repair may run for several days, weeks or [color=#FF0000]months[/color].”

Two Questions:

  1. [color=#FF0000]Months[/color]?.. really?
  2. Is there any sort of status window to let me know of any sort of progress? and/or if the Drobo has given up and attempting any sort of repair?

thank you

Day 2:
File System Maintenance in Progress
This may take from less than an hour to more than a day. Do not turn off the power of your Drobo device while repair is in progress.


Anyone ever had a positive result of this repair?

How long did it take?

Bonus question: if the Drobo is setup to send alerts, will the comatose Drobo ever ‘speak’ from the grave by sending me an email alert that it fixed itself, or that the prognosis is not so good? (I can send a test email manually from the Drobo Dashboard of the Drobo)

hi stephen,
im afraid i have only got the das models myself, though for several processes, (such as optimising, or rebuilding) they usually tend to take about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on your drobo.

while i usually tend to actually do give a fsck about lots of peoples issues, ive never actually done a fsck :slight_smile: but seeing as you have started that process, i really do think the best thing to do is to wait it out for as long as possible, planning for “at least” what the usual 1day per 1tb is, but possibly allowing that same duration for as many passes as fsck might usually do?

Hello Paul,

This DroboPro FS has 8 500 GB drives in it, for a total of 2.57 TB (two drives are configured for parity)

so rounding it up to 3 TB, maybe I’ll get lucky and see it actually show some sort of message in the Dashboard in the near future,as it’s been 6 Days since this DroboPR0 FS decided to go south.

I just wonder at what point do I throw the towel in, and try something else in attempt to recover the data.

I’ve read some other post that say to power the device down, remove all drives, insert a drive that was not a part of the initial failed array, power up, update the firmware, verify the DroboPro FS is functional, power down, swap the eight drives back in, power up, and pray that the array is seen again…

I can wait this out for the DroboPro FS to actually complete the “File System Maintenance in Progress”, I just wish there was some sort of way to monitor that progress, or know that the Drobo is actually doing something, or if I’m wasting my time waiting for the inevitable.

Has anyone on this forum actually seen a DroboPro FS come out alive from this “File System Maintenance in Progress” ? (be it a positive or negative outcome?) When and if it does finish, what message did you see on the Drobo Dashboard?

thanks for more info stephen,
im not sure which version is used on the drobo, though i think there are 5 passes for fsck. with this in mind, i would probably leave it for 14-15 days, just in case each pass also requires the (usual) amount.

hopefully some others with more experience of fsck on their drobos will be able to reply back with some more thoughts for you in the meantime though :slight_smile:

I replaced a 3TB drive with a 4TB drive, and had the same problem - ran the repair, and it actually fixed the issue . . . . . . for about two weeks, but I am now back at “Mount Failed”. I have removed all drives re-flashed the firmware, ran the repair again - no luck. I am dead in the water at this point. I have purchased a repair incident to see if they can resolve the issue - opened a ticket, and the ticket was forward to a higher level of support - two days ago - so far haven’t heard from drobo support.

If I get this fixed, will let you know how . . . but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

thanks for your input here cnottingham, (sorry to hear you got a mount failed at the moment though its good to hear the fcsk did complete for you, and hopefully the support team can help you to reach a happy ending)

Hello cnottingham,

Thanks for the glimmer of hope that this DroboPro FS might actually have a positive outcome. Two weeks… , Good thing this is just being used at home as a backup device for Windows Media Center Recordings for the most part. I do have some data on it that was not backed up that I hope to get access to again.

I’ll jump back in here with any new ‘news’ as I “hold my breath”

I just wish there was SOME sort of INDICATION that something was actually occuring on the Drobo itself and/or the Dashboard… The drobo going ‘dark’ and not giving ANY feedback of what is going on, is not a welcome feature.

One week of ‘Apparent Activity’ with the repair down, … One more week of ‘Apparent Activity’ to go…


While I wait for my [color=#800080]DroboPro FS[/color] to finish its current job of trying to fix itself, I was wondering if I could do the following:

If I were to take the eight drives out of my [color=#800080]DroboPro FS[/color], and put them in a [color=#FF0000]DroboPro[/color], would that be of any use at attempting to access the data on them? (this is assuming the drives are good, and it’s the [color=#800080]DroboPro FS[/color] itself is the failed component)

Just an update… Day 11 of this adventure.

File System Maintenance in Progress still … well… in Progress…, or so I hope it is.

hi stephen, while i only have the das models here, im pretty sure that the file system check is on the actual diskpack and diskpack data itself. (hopefully just another few days or so to go)

Day 12… no change in status… the Drobo is still repairing itself, or so it leaves me to believe…

Random thought 1: Do the newer Drobo’s ever suffer this fate, where they can’t mount the drives?

Random thought 2: If the newer Drobo’s do suffer this fate, and have to have a File Maineance in Progress, is there any sort of progress indication that something is actually making some sort of progress?

Random thought 3: Does anyone actually use a DroboPro FS in a real world production environment? I guess I’m fortunate that I have the luxury of time as I hope and pray that this DroboPro FS returns from the dead to be a functioning member of my network again. If I had to reply upon this thing for a business, I don’t think waiting for two weeks to see if it returns from the dead would be something I’d want to purchase for a business to rely upon.

Anyways, at least at present, I can make the the Lights Blink on it from the Drobo Dashboard… with it being the Christmas Season, the alternate Green/Red light show is fitting for the time of the year.

I can also get it to “Send Test Email” from the Dashboard Preferences

So, there is a pulse of some sort… I assume. But then again… a person can be brain dead and still have a pulse… not an equal analogy… but hey…, I’m keeping myself optimistically entertained as I wait for a return from the dead of my DroboPro FS.

Perhaps I will bestow the nickname of Lazarus upon my DroboPro FS, should it rise from the dead…

Then, with my luck, every time I make the lights flash or have it send a test email, it starts the “File System Maintenance” over from the beginning… and this will never end, as I’m enjoying watching the lights flash (and getting an email from Lazarus)

A question just came to mind…

Is the “File Maintenance in Progress” occurring independent of the Drobo Dashboard being open on my desktop?

Looking at Task Manager, the “Drobo Dashboard” is staying less that 0.5% of CPU, so I’m assuming the “File Maintenance” that is hopefully still running for the last 13 days, is occurring on the Drobo itself and not relying upon the Drobo Dashboard being open.


hi it is an unfortunate situation that you are in, though it is good that you do have a humourous side, at least during the festive season :slight_smile:

for the fsck, i think that dashboard is what initiates the process, but that once it starts, it simply then waits for the process to finish and then receive the status report from the drobo. (i could be mistaken though so if anyone has any more info about that process please do let us know)

depending on your data, it might be worth raising a ticket with the support team meanwhile too, (as i believe you could get a pay-per-incident even if in case out of support), though it is probably also best to stop forcing the drobo xmas lights to blink, just in case it has been causing it to start again.

Day 15… I launch the Drobo Dashboard hoping for some change in status…

Well, I do get something different… the Drobo Dashboard is prompting me to upgrade to version 2.8.5…

I doubt that’s going to do anything to fix anything with my apparently dead Drobo…(or so it seems to be the eventual outcome)

I’ve seen someone else post that under “Tools: Drobo Info” that it showed info indicating the “Free Space” was such that it showed the drobo saw data.

In my case I see:
Used 145.10 MB (0%)
Free 2.57 TB (100%)
Total 2.57 TB

Is the fact that my Free is equal to my total, does this mean the Drobo doesn’t see anything, and that I’m wasting my time hoping that the dobro will actually fix something?


ah im not sure about that stephen, it may be the way the repair process changes things somehow to appear as though nothing is there while it runs through the process. being honest, it is probably worth raising a ticket for the support team, and also mentioning this post (partly while an agent reads up on this post to learn whats been going on so far, but also it would allow some more elapsed time for the repair process in case it finishes).

if you were thinking about getting a replacement model (or suitable replacement for migration at some point anyway) there might be a way to purchase the new unit from drobo, and i think it may also come with free migration support, just to save you having to create 2 tickets, though please double check with the sales just in case i misunderstood something)

Day 20… no change… [color=#FF0000]File System Maintenance in Progress[/color]

I guess it does say [color=#FF0000]MONTHS[/color] at the page below


I guess that statement is sort of like signing a informed consent when having surgery… the informed consent states all these bad things could happen, including death.

I wonder if my Drobo has experienced [size=large][font=Verdana]Death[/font][/size]…

I wish there was some sort of means to measure it’s heartbeat… if it were still breathing…

ah sorry my internet was out until now,
i guess if you try the support team, there might be some kind of “average” timescale that they might be aware of, for example based on a certain amount of drives in the system, or for a certain amout of used space?

maybe 1TB of data takes x days (on average), and spread over 5 drives, takes a certain amount, ,and maybe when they mentioned months it was for the largest possible drive size (assuming really used and low on space) but maybe your one just might need several weeks)… its worth asking them, especially if youre getting another unit, as maybe there is a way to check if the fsck is still in progress, bit in a way that would not be intrusive or disruptive to the current process, just in case doing something causes it to start from scratch (like the diagnostics i think you mentioned before)

Hello Paul,

Well, at this point, I doubt I’ll every buy another Drobo.

Paying Drobo Support a ‘ransom’ for knowledge to get my data back… sorry, won’t do that now, and certainly won’t do so in the future. This is not for a business, this is to back up photo’s and data at home. I don’t have the budget to pay for a support ticket to Drobo for help on this.

Guess I learned my lesson here, never purchase a Drobo again… well, two lessons… make sure your backup of your dobro is up to date.

This fsck process has been going on entirely too long.

I would assume Drobo Support probably pursues these forums and reads what’s going on occasionally… , shame that don’t have a company rep that can offer advice…

Just sign me “Frustrated and annoyed in California”…

ah stephen that is fair enough indeed,
i guess all i can suggest from my side at present, would be to simply try if possible, to keep the existing fsck process running for as long as you can until absolutely necessary to stop it, just in case as it may just need more time to complete.

(am sorry i didnt have a definitive answer though i hope to get some more familiarity with nas units over time since all my exposure so far has been on the das drobos that i use via usb, so that i can try running that process to learn more about how long it might need under certain situations, as im often running the windows chkdsk equivalent on a regular basis whenever a program or my computer crashes)[hr]
by the way, cnottingham if you happen to see this, is there a chance you could try to post back if you can remember approximately how much data you had on your drobo at the time, or maybe even just some more info about how many drives and sizes you had, and if it was SDR or DDR mode? (maybe we can use those values to try and get a better estimate for what stephens might actually need?)