DroboPro FS FAQs


Hmmm interesting…

Q. What kind of read or write speeds can one expect?
A. You can expect read speeds in the range of 30-66MB/sec and write speeds in the range of 24-54MB/sec. To get the high end of this range you should enable Jumbo Frames on your DroboPro FS and ensure your networking equipment supports Jumbo Frames.

Kinda slow for a 1500€ device isnt it?
Without JF we can expect it to be as slow as a DroboFS.

OK so being a newbie to drobo, how exactly do I confirm that my network equipment supports jumbo frames. Got drobopro fs connected to a gig switch connected to my gig nic’d pc. #2-how do I enable jumbo frames on the drobo and most importantly, if it works well, what happens to the other boxes on the switch?

The easiest way is to check the technical specs of every item in the data path supports it.

I really did not notice a differenec even just moving 40GB ISo images to the DroboPro FS units. I upgraded both my DroboPro FS units to 1.1.0 (and today to 1.1.1) firmware. Put in 7 brand new WD 3TB drives and started my jumbo framed copies. My copy rate has been running on average 21MB/s for 48 hours so far. This means over 2 weeks to fill it up.


Loading the 1.1.1 now, so we’ll see. So far, according to windows 7, I’ve only been averaging 1.9 MB/s

I have not seen any difference in speed in the new firmware 1.1.1 or with the move to 3TB drives. I can write to my DroboPro at 40MB/s even though it is only fitted with 8 Western Digital 2TB drives and only 20MB/s on my empty, jumbo framed DroboPro FS with 7 3TB drives.


Upgraded to ver 1.1.1 and upped the MTU size to 3K on the drobopro fs. averaging about 2.8 MB\s over the short haul.

Are you copying one big file or many small files?


I don’t have an FS. BUT - I was plagued by HORRIBLE transfer rates on my Win 7 x64 machine - and strangely only on this particular machine.

I reset the TCP/IP networking stack and the problems went away! It’s worth a try if you’re on Vista or Win 7 and having transfer rate issues.

Copying many small files, mostly 350 to 700 MB. I’m on a Win 7 x64 box, will give th TCP stack a try

More detail on my behavior prior to resetting the TCP/IP stack…

If I disconnected the network then reconnected, I would get expected speeds for a few minutes, then it would plummet to terrible speeds - less than 1 MB/sec. Strangely, web traffic was mainly OK, but file transfers were affected like this.

My two DroboPro FS units have now been upgraded to 3TB drives and the write performance averages out close to 20MB/s. My DroboPro would always write at a solid 45MB/s. Last week in the middle of a 2TB write the performance dropped to 3mb/s. I thought that this was because of the nearly full slowdown and the drive had just gone red with 96% full. I deleted a TB of data but the speed has not improved.

I followed bhiga’s advice and reset the networking stack of the PC attached to the DroboPro. I then copied a 7GB file to the DroboPro and had a constant 65MB/s. This is on a full drive with only 7% free. What great advice, thankyou.


Glad to hear my advice helped.

I’m not sure what the root cause is, but I hope it gets corrected in the just-/soon-to-be-released SP1 for Win 7.