Drobopro Firmware 1.1.11 - Should I update the firmware and if yes to what version?

I’m experiencing issues noted in a previous post about firewire 800 connectivity and up until now my largest drive is 1.5TB, on Saturday I plan to add a Seagate Baracude XT 2TB drive.

Is there any reason for me to assume that updating the firmware would either solve issues i’m having or in any case improve performance of the drobopro?

Thanks in advance.

The latest firmware for Drobo Pro is 1.2.1 with the support for 3TB drives. The firmwares on drobos mostly fix compatibility with drives, but since I never had any seagate drives in my drobo, I cannot guarantee it will fix your seagate drive problem.

Whenever there’s a firmware upgrade on the drobo, I usually wait for a week and if nobody has problems with it, I’d upgrade it too. I guess newer version of firmware always have some improvements vs the older version. So I’d recommend keeping your firmware updated.

Thanks for the reply, though I’m curious why Drobodash always tells me I have the latest version of the firmware at 1.1.11 when the data robotics site has updates posted more regularly ?

You can do manual update with Drobo Dashboard by going to the Advance Controls menu > Tools tab > hold CTRL and click Check for Updates > Select the firmware you’ve downloaded and it will manual update the firmware.

As for “why Drobodash always tells me I have the latest version…”, I got the same message too, so I updated it manually. This issue has happend before with older drobo dashboard, so I just manually update ever since and didn’t trust the drobo dashboard software.

To tell the truth, I love the Drobo hardwares and it’s capabilities, but I’m not sure they are good at producing good software and drivers when compared with other high-end storage devices. I think some on this forum may agree with me on that as well. The Drobo Dashboard and the iSCSI driver can get glitchy at times and Datarobotics was fairly slow on producing fixes and updated versions of drivers. Even the new Drobo Dashboard 2.0 for the business units feels slow, glitchy, and simple (not as pro looking as highend server monitor software, for a pro unit you would think the software will provide more information like temperature info and etc.). I hope DR can slow down on dishing new hardware and take some time on the Drobo Dashboard / Drivers (especially iSCSI) and solve those “Drobo randomly disconnected for no reason” issues to build a strong driver foundation for future products.