DroboPro fan(s) size?

Want to replace noisy fans inside my drobopro.
Anybody knows size of the fans? 80mm or 92mm?



(scroll down a bit)

on the drobo they used a non standard connector to connect to the mainboard - so be prepared to replace the connector on any replacement fans you get if they have done the same trick[hr]
actually looking at the picture closely it looks like standard 3 pin connectors

let us know how you get on with your replacement project

FYI… this will void your Standard Waranty and/or DroboCare. Instead open a Support ticket and have the unit RMA’d

RMA’ed on what basis? if the fans are noisy by design and everything is working perfectly - why would they RMA it?[hr]
plus maybe the unit is already out of warranty - which is why he is happy to open it!

Thank you.
Unit out of warranty, so i decided to replace fans.
Just bought two Nexus 80mm Real Silent Case Fan @ 17.6 dB(A).

you should post some pictures while you are doing it :slight_smile:

17 dba? Are they rated to run at 12 or 24 volt? If so I have to get them too!

i’d be more concerned with their cfm - will they be adequate to keep drobopro cool?

Damn. Just disassembled my drobo. Fans are 92mm in size like the other drobo ones!
I need new fans :slight_smile:

Must have been a change in design at some point, interesting

My DroboPro’s fans have always been noisy… I’d love to be able to RMA them for quieter ones.

Just replaced fans.

Default fans:

Fan Flow Rate: 60CFM
Noise Rating: 39.4dBA (!!!)

New fans:
Zalman ZM-F2-FDB Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan

Fan Flow Rate: 42CFM
Noise Rating: 23dBA

Now my drobo is truly silent :slight_smile:
Maybe i’l post some photos later, but it is simple to replace them. You only need to take connectors from old fans.

Wonder if that same fan would fit in a Drobo-S and help decrease its noise ?!

get out your screwdriver and find out :wink: