drobopro dual disk redundancy

i have a drobo pro
have 8 drives, with total space 11TB
im using around 5 TB

if i enable dual disk redundancy, a red light lits under smallest disk

isn’t there enough free space 2 enable DDR?

also if i pull 1 disk out drobo doesnt start rebuild


well you havent told us what your disks are

to enable DDR… and work out how much space is left afterwards, either add up all your disks and subtract the largest two

or use the drobo online capacity calculator

then work out what percentage full drobo would be with your 5tb of data on it.

1,5tb - 3x
2tb - 4x
3tb - 1x

i would need 2tb of free space to enable DDR, there is 6tb of free space

sdr config

ddr config

ddr free space