DroboPro Data Not protected

I have a brand new drobopro with 8 2TB drives with dual disc redundacy that I was copying 10 TB of data. I had a hard drive failure while copying and I successfully removed and added a new drive, however the drobo reports that it will take 600 days for data protection. It has been 7 days since the drive replacement and I have 300GB of remaining space and 200 GB left in the file copy process (it was a 10TB data transfer). The system has now come to almost a full halt. Is there anyway to remove the dual disc redundancy to allow for the additional space? The drobo says my data isnt protected after that last HDD failure and its been 7 days (Although I am still copying the remaining data to the drobo) If I stop the data copying I wont know what was copied and what is left.

well stop the copying - then when you restart copying just tell it not to overwrite files which are already thre (use something like teracopy)

you are running into several problems at once -

your drobopro is very full - which makes it very slow!

you are using it while it is rebuilding - which makes rebuilding take a LONG LONG time

you are writing to it while it is almost full - which makes it deliberately slow down

what i would do:

  1. stop that copy! (with 300gb free space and 200GB to go it wil get UNUSABLY SLOW before you finish the copy - this is by design - you should always leave it about 10% free!)

drop it down from dual to single disk redundancy to let it finish the rebuild - once its rebuilt and back to being safe single disk redundant, then you can add another disk and turn on dual disk

use something like terracopy to only copy new files to it - there are several different utilities which can sort that minor issue for you

Thanks, I followed your advice and stopped the transfer and then in the settings removed dual disk redundancy. This gives me 14% free space or 12TB of total useable space. The disk protection/balancing is running but still gives an estimated time of 100 hours. That seems excessive. I have left the drobopro alone without any copying for several hours to see if that would help the rebalancing, and unfortunately it is now at 99 hours. Could there be another problem?

It is always possible that a second disk is misbehaving slightly, if it’s taking longer to fetch data from a disk it will slow it down

Plus the estimated time remaining is notoriously unreliable

Just try and avoid using it (that include any search indexers/spotlight finder) and let it finish doing it’s stuff

I found a full rebuild on my fully loaded pro takes 48-72 hours

Left it running overnight and its at 90 hours. Although it seems like a long time, Ill just leave it and test the speed when its finished with HDTune.

(might want to also let it settle another day before running speed tests)
10TB is a lot of data too, so even 99 hours isnt bad actually :slight_smile:

OK, the drobo is now fully protected and finished about 12 hours ago. It still complains that I am low on space even though I still have 14% space available. Amazing that after putting in 8x 2TB WD Green drives I only have around 12.5 TB of available space. I went ahead and ran a speed test using HDTune and was very disappointed to see and average of 22.3 MB/s read speed despite being connected directly to my Windows Server 2008 GBE port directly. I have included the HDTune snapsot.

I am streaming Bluray .iso fles to a dune player over my GB switch and get several skips/stutters which I dont get at all when streamed directly from the server.

if it only finished 12 hours ago its still probably very busy - after it’s protected your data it will continue to optimise the data layout internally - you should wait at least 48-72 hours before benchmarking to allow it time to “settle down”