DroboPro Dashboard on VM

Hi all,

We’re providing contracted IT services for a company and are in the process of setting up some of their existing equipment. They have an existing DroboPro (8-disk, firewire, usb, ethernet), that we’re looking to set up via iscsi. We have a specific subnet for all of this infrastructure’s SAN equipment, at least 3 different vendors SAN equipment, all functional on this subnet. I can manage the DroboPro via the Drobo Dashboard through USB and via a physical computer hard wired via ethernet into this subnet. (This entire subnet is managed via static IPs, for what it’s worth.) The problem we’re having is that we can’t get a VM with Drobo Dashboard to see the DroboPro via iscsi/ethernet. We’ve tried a Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 VM and neither can see the DroboPro through the dashboard although we can ping it from the VM. The firewalls have been disabled for testing. All of these VMs are connected to a specific vSwitch for this subnet and no other applications have issues communicating. We ultimately need to add the DroboPro as a datastore in vCenter. This customer is 100% virtualized so setting up a physical server just for the Drobo dashbard isn’t much of a solution. Has anyone seen this behavior?

hi, im not an expert for vms, but i think some vms also install an adapter (or virtual adapter) to allow the vm operating system to pass through and use the host server’s internet connection.

maybe there also needs to be some adapter (or permission) to map an ethernet port / iscsi in a similar way?

Have you tried manually adding your Drobo to the Dashboard by its IP address instead of relying on auto discovery? If not, I’d definitely start troubleshooting with that.