DroboPro Constant Disk Activity

I recently migrated from a Drobo Second Gen to a DroboPro.

I have 4x1TB Western Digital “Green” drives (EADS).

The DroboPro is connected to a Mac Mini running OS X server 10.6.2.

Running Dashboard 1.6.7 and Firmware 1.1.5.

The DroboPro is always making noise. The drives constantly sound as if they are being accessed, however nothing has suggested that anything is touching them. I have used Activity Monitor and fs_usage and neither raise any flags. Spotlight is not indexing the drive. To be sure, I have added the drive to the privacy list on the server and any clients with the share mounted.

What is odd is that the DroboPro is quietest when it is actually being used. For example, dumping a few files that are 300MB in size onto it the drives go slient. When the copy is finished the activity noise comes back.

Has anyone else experienced this?

At the moment I have an issue where my DroboPro won’t put the disks in standby after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Have not been able to locate what process (if any?) is occasionally writing to the disk. Am using firmware 1.1.5 on OS X.

aj - its probably best to start a new thread with any unrelated issues

sune - i think (but im not sure) that if you have just plopped your diskpack direct from your v2 into your pro - its probably doing a load of internal housekeeping to make your disk pack into a pro diskpack (which is why you can never go back)

i dont know if it changes everything, or just a few things, but also - the pro does data scrubbing - it checked EVERYTHING to make sure its all ok - a feature on the s/pro/elite have - the v1 and v2 dont - so it may well be dong that when “idle”.

basically i would give it a week from when you put the diskpack from a v2 into the pro, until it really “settles down” and it sounds like you have only just put the disk pack in?

It has been a few days now, about 4 or so. I will give it a few more days though. Thanks for your reply!

what happened did it stop?