DroboPro and VMWare?

I’m planning to finally set up a VM server at home, and I’d like to use my DroboPro for the data.

When I run VMWare Workstation or VirtualBox on my WinXP desktop with the virtual disks on the DroboPro, the VMs will lose communication with their virtual disks after a few minutes. Everything else works fine, including virtual disks on the internal drive (and all other access to the DroboPro is fine), but something about that setup isn’t happy.

I’d like to use the new computer to Do It Right. I remember something about VMWare as a supported product with the DroboPro, so I thought of using VMWare ESXi. I can’t find any mention of this in Drobo’s current literature or in their knowledgebase, though.

Is this the point where I should realize it’s a bad idea? If I’m going to stuff a bunch of disks into the new computer anyway, maybe it’s time to try FreeNAS.

hi rdo

if you imagine a set of iso’s taken from media to a file…
is your plan to simply have a “proper” computer and os, accessing those iso images, which are simply stored as large files on the drobopro, and mounted for use by a particular application (in this case the virtual os)?

if that is the case, it should run smoothly (in theory) because its the proper os which is talking with the drobopro

(i want to do something similar but im still reading up on various ways so you’re ahead of me atm :slight_smile:

The DroboPro is VMware tested & certified but only for 3.5. To setup the Pro for 4/4.1/5/5.1 as a vmfs or nfs datastore requires to first partition the Smart Volume w/ NTFS then convert that into a Raw device and add to ur Storage Adapter, then Storage etc.
Simply put … why not just format it NTFS or HFS+ & use the iSCSI initiators (Microsoft, StarWind or ATTO etc.) to access it directly and bypassing the hypervisor.
Drobo has a whitepaper published on how to setup the Pro for 3.5 and requires some tuning of the ESXi.