DroboPro and Sierra 10.12.5

I tested my DroboPro using USB on my MacPro Laptop with Sierra 10.12.5 and Desktop 3.0.1…all is well!

So I updated my 27" iMac (late 2013) 3.4 GHz Intel i7, 32GB DDR3, Geforce GTX 555M 2MB, again all good!

Now trying to decide on the Firmware 1.2.3 Update…any experiences would be appreciated.


DroboPro 8 x 4TB = 32TB (29.10TB actual)

(just linking related post)

I’m running Mac OS 10.13.6 with DroboPro 8 bay unit (2Tb across 4 drives) with no problems.
Firmware 1.2.3 [2.58.22137] and Drobo Dashboard 3.3.0

Wondering about Mojave update though?