DroboPro and El Capitan using USB

Has anyone got DroboPro (Dashboard 2.5.2) working on El Capitan 10.11.5 using USB?

Wow, nobody?

hi whycom,
some other users are also experiencing some issues with elcapitan recently too such as here:
(that was for a different drobo model though)

i saw another thread where a philip mentioned a way to get it working with iscsi… is that a possible option for you at all?
(i think it involved a purchase which is fair enough in case not ideal for you but just to check)[hr]
(also just linking a related thread)

I tested it on my MacPro Laptop with 10.12.5 and Desktop 3.0.1 and USB…all is well!

So I updated my 27" iMac (late 2013) 3.4 GHz Intel i7, 32GB DDR3, Geforce GTX 555M 2MB, again all good!

Now trying to decide on the Firmware 1.2.3 Update…

hi whycom, thanks for the update, its good that you got things working again with usb,

now that things are working again, one option could be keeping things as they are, and only updating if you plan to change something, like upgrading or replacing a drive. (there was a message here about suggesting an upgrade if on a particular version, though as with all firmwares, it is probably best to make a backup of your data before any firmware upgrades, just to play safe if you can, at least for the most important data)