DroboPorts updates!

Hi everyone,

I’m still mad at the forum moderators for not unbanning my main account, but that does not mean you guys do net get updates from DroboPorts.

So, in the best holiday spirit, here are the latest from DroboPorts:
[]curl 7.23.1
]git 1.7.8
[]htop 1.0
]mc 4.8.1 (now with SMB support!)
All of these have been compiled with the latest stable source code and dependencies.

As usual, you can find them at: http://www.droboports.com/

By the way, many thanks for the generous soul that donated enough for me to buy a couple of games on Steam! :smiley:

I’ll try to update everything eventually, family and friends allowing. Here are some of the planned updates:
[]minidlna 1.0.22
]mysql 5.5.19
[]pcre 8.20
]perl 5.14.2
[]php 5.3.8
]proftpd 1.3.4a
[]python 2.7.2
]ruby 1.9.3p0
[*]wget 1.13.4
If you guys need to contact me, please email me: ricardo@droboports.com – given my current situation on the forums, I don’t come around as much, given that I don’t get the notifications anymore.

Awesome. Your efforts are invaluable, Ricardo!!

Thank you Ricardo!

Richardo, thank you so much for the ports. I have had issues with DroboFS since May. Now with firmware 1.2.1 and your ports, I have created an environment for backup and data share the is working well for me. In contribute back I will work to piecing it together and post the setup in the FS form for others.

Happy new!