Drobopix pretty much unusable


I have tried to run Drobopix, the app sounded great but there are way too many issues. It is not even Alpha software. I have uninstalled it and dealing with another way of using my mobile images. Some background, I have several devices, my phone an Android S7, an iPad Air, and iPod. I use all of them for taking pictures and doing artwork. It would be nice if Drobopix could deal with all of them, but it cannot even deal with one properly.

My issues:

  1. I got it to install once and to register my phone. It forced me to create another share. Which I did not want to do. I want all my images on one share. big problem.

  2. Went to add another imaging device. It now stalls and says it is waiting to initialize, it was already initialized the previous day. Takes more than an hour, I gave up.

  3. Initially it downloaded all of my jpgs from folder on the phone. It ignored all the other folders. Now way to configure more folders. It also ignored all the raw images. Raws have been a part of Android for several year. Another fail. It ignored all tifs and pngs, the only thing it downloaded was the initial batch of jpg images, after that nothing. It ignored all subfolders.

  4. Two days later no longer connects to phone, no longer downloads new images. Get the infinite initialization.

  5. Could never attach another imaging device.

So I have given up, lots of promise but no delivery. Uninstalled it.

Really disappointing. At least I can connect the devices directly and download and manage manually.


hi apsphoto, thanks for taking some time to post this
hopefully it can help the devs to look more into the issues you encountered, and also some questions for more firming up, such as which images the software (in its current form) is expected to, or designed to recognise. (like pngs etc)

btw for the part about jpgs, can i check if you happen to have multiple types of jpgs?
for example, some might be called .jpg, and others .jpeg, and i think theres also another version for jpg2000?