Drobopix deleted my photos

Hi there,
I had problems to upload files via Drobopix with my new iPhone so I deleted the device and try to added again.
During the process a dialog box warns “Files already uploaded will be preserved.” however the folder was deleted!
Any way to recover those files?

I had hundreds of valuable photos!

I can guarantee to you that if any files were moved into the “Photo Uploads” share they were not deleted from the Drobo. I have tried that scenario several times to make sure that something like that would not happen.

Did you remove the photos from your phone? If not, you can just upload them again.

Well, I deleted the phone from the list again and this time files remains. Nothing to say but a bizarre behaviour. Anyway, I’ll do a backup next time.

Thanks for your help.

If you did not backup your iphone with iTunes or iCloud , the recovery software for iPhone users may help you retrieve the deleted data, you can get them back in few steps, recover photos from iphone.