DroboPix database duplication

i have a 5N2 which I have been using to back up photos from my familys iOS devices. Ive been running ahead with iOS13 betas. With successful syncs until this week, the DroboPix app did fine. And I like the app as I use it with Plex. This week DroboPix iOS would not launch. So I deleted the App & reloaded it. Now I have a phone that syncs to my drobo, but to a new database! 14k duplicate photos/videos!-And time to upload everything again! I dont really expect a fix from you. But I DO want you to know that a duplication of photos, videos and metadata is not appreciated. I dont see that using a beta v of iOS makes a difference. If the App had corrupted on an official release, the same duplication & work would be required. Please find a way to recover from a need to reinstall a corrupt mobile App without this loss of time and space.