DroboFS Won't Boot Properly. Help!

Hi, I’m really worried that I just lost all my 3TB of data, and hoping to find some assurances in this forum that I can get it all back.

I was just in an SSH session in my DroboFS when I noticed a duplicate folder in my Public directory. I used the “rm -r” command to delete it, and somehow, the terminal outputed some error messages. I can’t remember them all, but one was something like, “Can’t delete /bin”:

This worried me, because this directory is typically in the root directory and not in Public.

Anyway, after that, the SSH session didn’t work anymore and I couldn’t relog into it, so I rebooted the Drobo using the Drobo Dashboard.

Now the Drobo won’t boot properly. It basically shows all the lights next to the hard drives as orange/amber/yellow and all the small lights underneath are on. None of the lights are blinking, they are all solid colors (although after a while, the lights underneath all go off). I can’t even shut off the Drobo using the switch, I have to manually unplug it.

I took out my hard drives and rebooted the Drobo but the colors didn’t change, and Drobo Dashboard doesn’t appear to detect the DroboFS now.

Does anyone know what happened to my Drobo? Is all my data lost? Or do you think a replacement will fix it?

For the moderators out there: yes, I’ve just opened a support ticket.

UPDATE: It looks as if someone with a DroboPro had this same problem a few years ago, but there isn’t any indication how it was solved – or if it was solved: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=151

hmm i’ll apologise from now, im not too savvy with ssh, but i think -r means recursive - eg delete it and anything inside it.
if by some bad luck it was a virtual folder (linked like a symlink) then they might have been one and the same folder, which you deleted.

its possible maybe with a factory reset of the unit (but only after youve safely removed your drives via the proper procedure etc), that it might replace any particular drobo system data that you might have managed to zap by mistake, and then to put your drives back in (via proper procedure) again to see them, but id strongly recommend patience until you can get more info, and also definitely is good that youve raised a case with support.