droboFS + SuperDuper! write performance problems

Hey guys,

So in lieu of having Time Machine work with my shiny new DroboFS, I decided last night to drop an image of my hdd on it using what I understand to be one of the best pieces of software to do this - SuperDuper!

Kicked it off last night.

I’m looking at it today and it’s pretty crazy. I’m getting like 4.05MB/s write speed to the drobo and it’s only written 180gb in nearly the last thirteen hours.

So my question is a) is this an acceptable/normal/expected speed to write to the drobo? 4 meg a sec over gigabit ethernet? (just a few months old MBP plugged into a timecapsule with the droboFS, 8gb of ram) and b) if not, is this because of superduper or something?

Thanks for your help,


It’s not just you. I kicked off a SuperDuper copy to a Sparse disk on my Drobo FS just over 30 minutes ago. My effective copy speed is in the 4 MB/s neighborhood too, having copied just over 7 GB in 34 minutes.


Same here. Have Drobo-FS with 3 x 2TB and 2 x 320GB. Use SuperDuper to transfer data from Mac to Drobo-FS using sparse disk. Total Data to transfer approx 1.3TB.

Started 6 days ago… not completed yet. 900GB transfered so far. Gigabit switches all the way.

Does SuperDuper copy single or multiple files at a time? On regular Drobo (and on USB in general), simultaneous access is significantly slower than single transfers.

Hi, As far as I know from watching many backups progressing, I would say “one file at a time”.

My present backup is still running. Overnight, in 9 hours, it managed to copy 5,000 files (100GB of data) at an average speed of 3,16MB/s.

Well here’s the final screenshot. 36 hours for a backup. 2.39mb/s.

So it seems like I’m not alone in this. Do I need to open a ticket to have someone look at this, or am I being unreasonable that 2 meg a second seems sort of crazy slow?

Yes, please open a support case.

Question related to use of SuperDuper with the FS… is it possible to do so w/o having to create a sparse image?

Thanks all

I’d really like to know this as well. I just want the same cloned, bootable backup of my main HD on the Drobo.

Hi folks, sorry to bring up an old thread. I started out using SuperDuper, and it is extraordinarily slow - but I’ve seen this on local hard drives, Time Capsule, etc. Once your data is there, the incrementals it does are quite fast, but these numbers sadly do not surprise me from a raw throughput perspective. I don’t know what SuperDuper does while copying, but it’s like an anesthetized slug.

There is also little point in creating a “bootable” backup on the Drobo, as I doubt the Drobo is designed to be a bootable volume. The DroboFS is most certainly not. If you backup to the Drobo without a sparseimage, it’s going to wipe out anything else there when you run the backup. Since there’s no way to boot, you might as well use the sparseimage and improve usability.

Just for the record, drobo support tracked this down for me. It turns out (my face being slightly eggy) that apparently my actual network patch cable was bad. I had been plugging it in to my laptop for months every day and it turns out I’ve actually been just using my wifi. It’s fast enough that I never noticed (802.11n) when doing normal work, surfing, etc. except when trying to transfer a massive image file like this. heh.