DroboFS Reset Network Settings

I have a DroboFS that’s been in service for probably 7 or 8 years without any changes. I relocated it to a new network but the IP apparently is static and I have no idea what subnet it is on so I cannot access it and Drobo Dashboard does not detect it.

I removed the drives and did a pin hole reset which allowed Dashboard to find it but I couldn’t make any changes to the settings… it just said to insert drives, which I did. Once it finished booting up with the drives inserted, it has disappeared from Dashboard again. Is the IP configuration stored on the hard drives or in the devices firmware?

How can I get the network to reset to DHCP without losing any data?

hi, can i check when the drobo was empty and found in dashboard, if the fs was directly connected to the computer?

also, it might be worth double checking the reset process just to make sure the process completed ok, as it mentions there is chance that it might not:

then, if you try setting up the newly reset fs, with a fresh different “test” diskpack (like with 2 different drives that have no needed data on them), and then to try accessing that via dashboard in a similar way, does it now let you change the ip details back to obtaining an ip automatically?

if yes, then can you shutdown the drobo, and unplug all cables from it,
and with power all off and cables unplugged, to remove the 2nd / “test” diskpack drives from the drobo, and to put in your main 1st diskpack drives,
and then to connect up and power up your drobo.
what happens now?

(im hoping that the IP is “not” always part of the diskpack, and that dashboard should always be able to override it, because having it fixed with the diskpack does not seem to have any main benefits, because even if it was the case for a security feature, i dont think it actually would be, due to the fact that any person or business, might suddenly have to move, or replace routers, or reconfigure the network etc)