DroboFS not connected to Drobo Dashboard

I configured my DroboFS with static IP. Recently I moved to a new place and from that day onwards, I am unable to connect to it with Drobo Dashboard. I can see the DroboFS in my router attached devices with that static IP addres. I am able to ping the IP address. But I am unable to connect to it. I disabled my firewall, my virus protection and all… no luck. I am on Windows 10 pro. I cannot telnet to port 5000. Anything else I can do? I have too much data on those drives and don’t want to lose it. Please help me out.

When I contacted the tech support they responsded with following items. I tried all of them, no luck.

Try to power down the Drobo and remove all the drives 2inch from the Slot.
Remove and replug the Ethernet cable
Power on the Drobo empty (go to Drobo Dashboard > Settings > Network:
If set to a Static IP address, change to Automatically assign IP settings to (DHCP).