DroboFS Makes All Files Read Only

I am having a problem with a DroboFS now where it makes every file copied to it read only no matter what computer is copying to it.j

I am on a Mac running Mountain Lion 10.8.5

Here is an example.

A photo on the hard drive of my laptop shows that my user profile and everyone else has read & write access to the file. However, as soon as I copy the file to my Drobo-FS, I now only have read only access to the file.

When I look at the Drobo Dashboard, it shows that everyone should have read and write access, yet in reality no one does. If I try to change the file so that I can modify it, I always get a message which says that I can’t because I don’t have the necessary permission.


hi, can you have a look at the folder on the drobo, where you are pasting the file.
is that folder itself set to read only?

also, is that folder inside of a parent folder (or any other folder above it) which is set to read only?

am not sure about the mac, but on windows you can have a folder with certain permissions/settings, and they auto apply to files you put inside it.

That is in many ways, the heart of the problem.

When I do a Get Information on the main folder on the share, it shows that everyone has Read Only access. If I try to change that setting to Read & Write, I get an error message saying “The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have the necessary permission”

I am logged in as the administrator yet can’t change anything on the drobo folders or files.

You should then raise a support ticket with Drobo. Generate a newest log file and attach to the ticket. Be sure the you are the truly log in as admin. You can also ask for a password reset to make sure you have all admin rights on the Drobofs unit.

Hope that helps

Permissions across the network are a very tricky thing. Is there any way you can get DroboApps enabled and Dropbear set up? That way you can log in and manipulate the permissions directly, not to mention other troubleshooting possibilities.

I am having this same issue. Let me know if you find anything that fixes it, I will post if I do.