DroboFS+Mac+Crashplan anyone?

I thought that DroboFS for Crashplan/local would be a great combination. It worked for about a week, then crashplan stopped seeing the drobo as a destination. No idea what it might be.

One wayout theory I have is that the dhcp provided ip address changed, and that crashplan wants the old ip. I’ve put the drobo on a fixed ip now, and it mounts/reads/writes just fine from the mac, but crashplan can’t see it. Does this make sense as a reason? If so, how can I get crashplan to see the drobo?

Would adding a new share work? I’ve no knowledge of shares, but I do know I’ve got a lot of (non)crashplan data on the drobo I don’t want to loose, and I don’t want to end up with a partitioned drobo (if having multiple shares causes this…). I can restart the local crashplan copy if needed. The crashplan central copy is still going after 10 days…


Think you may need to add the Drobo share as a destination within Crashplan to get it to see it again, making sure that the share is visible on your machine as well.

It’d be nice to see a Drobo App for Crashplan to solve this problem though.