DroboFS + iTunes + multiple computers

Hi everybody,

I use Drobo FS connected to my Airport.
I have almost 30GB of music and I like to store everything on Drobo FS and any updates or inclusion of music in this library, all the computers on my home find these updates.

I found this link about this subject, but when I add a new CD on a computer and then I open iTunes on another computer, he does not see these changes.

Has anyone had this problem?

I did not like the Firefly because the way he arranges the songs, covers (artalbum) not fit to use iTunes and I use Plex Media Center to play these songs that are on the Drobo.


Are you closing the first instance of iTunes, where you made the changes, like the article says?

[quote]You can only make updates to one music library at a time — you cannot have iTunes open on both computers and make changes. Make changes on one, then open the other one.
You need to close iTunes on the computer you made changes on, and reopen it on all other computers to see changes[/quote]

As far as I know, iTunes does not save changes directly to disk, and the only way to force a save is to close it.

Hi Ricardo … Thansk 4 u reply …

Well, I realized exactly the steps described in the link I sent. I took several tests and also did what you said (and said that the link too), but nothing happens.

Only the computer that has imported songs can see the library, the other computers can not. The cache and all the library information are saved in the same folder where iTunes sends the music on Drobo FS, but curiously the other computers can not update the library based on the folder that I pointed out (press the option while opening iTunes).

No one had experience with an iTunes library on multiple computers?

Sorry, I actually do the opposite: I have one mac using the iTunes library on the FS, and I backup that library to another device. But yeah, just one client.