DroboFS In Read-Only Mode?

Hi, I’m having problems manipulating my files on the DroboFS. It seems to be stuck in a read-only mode.

If I try to move or rename files in the Drobo, it appears to work initially. But once I reset the Drobo, the files revert back to their original places with their original names.

When I try to copy a file to the Drobo from another computer, I will either get an error code or the file will not end up showing in the directory on the Drobo.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or found a fix for it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!

I seem to remember a thread where Fuppes was mentioned as the culprit.

Ah, Unfotunately I don’t have Fuppes nstalled.

Please open a support case.

Hi, just to give everyone an update. I was able to fix this problem by running the chmod 777 command on all my files after an SSH into the DroboFS.