DroboFS in Distress - Many lights

Has anyone encountered multiple lights and flashing lights, all at once?

I have, what appears to be, a failed drive in bay 4 with a red indicator light. It is flashing on and off and ALL the other lights are flashing, alternating between green and amber.

I have not powered the unit off for I don’t know the state. Dashboard has no comms with the Drobo, so I can’t ascertain any info from Dashboard. I also haven’t found anything regarding this particular light show and data inaccessibility.

Any thoughts/experience with this?


hi, while i do not have a DroboFS,
i believe a flashing red light indicates a failed drive
and that flashing green/amber lights indicate a rebuild (data protection) is in progress.

im not sure how much data you have (and how large each drive is) but if they are 1tb drives, x 4 drives for example, then i’d probably keep the unit powered and wait for the rebuild to complete before changing anything.

(i might be wrong, but it might need a good few days to complete)

So do not replace the drive? I found the Drobo in this state when I came home yesterday but touched nothing for fear of making things worse. Since I haven’t replaced the drive, what could it be rebuilding? (Just my own question).

Thanks for replying! :wink:

hi, how are the drives and lights doing currently?
and is dashboard able to communicate with it again?