DroboFS failure

Hello everyone,

Hoping someone can offer some advice please.

I have an 8 bay DroboFS - all working fine for years but yesterday the lights went out on the unit and it dropped of my network.

Rebooted, and all the sequence of lights were fine untill the end.

4 disks had blue lights, but the 5 bay (which is empty) had a red light light.

This remained for a few minutes and then all lights went off and the unit cannot be found on the network, or by Drobo Dashboard.

I powered off the device - removed the drives and restarted the drive.

It switched on, with a single red light on Bay 1

Switched it off again and re-inserted all my drives, but same thing again - red light on empty 5 bay

Can anyone help - i really need to get some data of that unit?

Thanks in advance