DroboFS enough power to transcode videos on Fuppes?


can anybody tell me if the DroboFS is strong enough to transcode videos with Fuppes for streaming? I think at mkv videos for a PS3.

I’m also interested in the same answer. Damn MKV files.

I am going to give you my answer, but keep in mind I have no practical experience with the Drobo FS at all.

My educated guess would be no. I don’t know what kind of CPU the Drobo FS has, but its likely some sort of embedded ARM architecture. All I know from the literature is that it is dual core.

It takes quite a bit of processing power to transcode on the fly. I don’t even think my dedicated linux server with a dual core Athlon X2 at 1.5Ghz is up to the task.

Further evidece supporting this educated guess is that the DroboApps version of fuppes is compiled without transcoding support turned on, and without any of the dependencies (lame, ogg, ffmpeg, etc.) needed for transcoding.

This can - of course - be compiled manually for the unit, but if you do this, I think you’ll find the CPU in the Drobo FS woefully inadequate to handle the processing load.

I could be wrong though. Why don’t you try it and report back to us? :stuck_out_tongue: