DroboFS DroboApps packaging philosophy.

In my previous embedded systems development that I’ve done we had devices with 32M of storage (yes, uphill and in the SNOW) so when packaging we would trim out a lot of “fluff” such as header files, man pages, /usr/share, non US locale etc.

Given the amount of storage on the device we developing here I’m not seeing the need to trim a lot of that stuff and feel it’s appropriate to package the application as the original developers intended.

Does Data Robotics have any kind of policy or preference for this?

Do other developers want to stick a flag in the sand and express an opinion?

I just read this today and my opinion would be that apps are packaged with as much of the original application as possible assuming it works on the drobo; however, the one good thing about “trimming the fat” is that it takes some thought during the repackaging. I wouldn’t want to get to the point where the drobo apps become bulky and include unnecessary fluff or worse features that don’t work.