DroboFS disappears from Drobo Dashboard

I have a mac mini. I have firewire Drobo attached to the mac mini. I also have a Drobo FS.

If I boot my Drobo FS, I see both drives under the Drobo Dash board. However if I wait half a day and come back to the mac mini, the Drobo FS no longer is showing up on the Drobo Dashboard. If I reboot the Mac Mini, onlyl the Drobo firewire shows up. The only way to get the DroboFS to show up is to reboot it.

Is there something I need to do to rectify this situation? I have two shares on the Drobo FS. One a general share for data. The other a smaller Time Machine backup share. When the DroboFS disappears from Drobo dashboard, Time machine cannot see the DroboFS.

However, if I go to finder, and explore the machine, I see the Drobo FS and I can access the shares that way.

Subscribing. I’m having a similar problem. When my computer goes to sleep I lose the mounted Drobo directories. This morning I have able to go through finder and access the shares similar to what you mentioned yet the dashboard said No drobo could be detected (or something like that). Hopefully someone has a suggestion for us.