drobofs and timecapsule

looks like my 2tb external drive is failing. this drive is my Time Machine only drive. I have just gotten a 5n and love it, much faster then the fs. So know i’m trying to find a use for the fs.has anyone done a time machine restoral from an fs how slow is it? Thats why i choose a standalone drive just for TM because it is faster to recover files. I’m looking at using the fs for TM only and using it would be connected to iMac via gige connections.

2 days and only 1 tb backed up. .7 tb left hopefully a file recovery will be faster if needed

hi lilmil,

once you have finished your backup, is there a way for you to verify the integrity of that backup in some way?
(eg maybe theres a timemachine “check backup file for errors” or something similar?)

ive seen cases when a file (in windows) would not copy somewhere, unless windows thought it read all the data, but am just wondering in case your failing drive is giving it’s data for copy, but maybe corrupting some?