DroboFS and Media Player

My Drobo FS works great, except when acting as a file server to a media player. In particular, my Popcorn Hour C200 does not see anything on the Drobo FS ( it does on Drobo’s attached to Mac’s but then that is the Mac doing the smb serving). Somehow this seems to be related to the way shares are created and exported. I tried a very simple thing. Put a few files into Public. Entered the smb, ip, Public, no login/pwd
on the PCH-C200 information. But it just doesn’t see anything. If I browse for the DroboFS, it sees it under WORKGROUP ( I renamed things to DrpboFS as I thought the - might be an issue). But it doesn’t think anything is being served!

Has anyone been able to figure this out?

I might point out that other media players do work. On the other hand NAS’s from WD and dlink (which the Drobo will be replacing) have no problems at all.

I do not want to use UPNP or DNLA. Just plain sharing. I had this problem with the DroboShare because you couldn’t specify shares and users. Now we can but there’s some virtual directory between a share and the export. For example I would love to be able to share just a sub-folder of Public, but you can’t.



PS: There is no place to put a line like smb://DROBOFS/Public/ .
Basically there are only a few things to fill out.
protocol - samba or nfs
ip/hostname - ip# or DroboFS
Share Folder - Public
Share name - DROBOFS ( have tried a variety)

Edit: It will work with NFS (by installing the nfs server droboapp). The exports line would then have something like

/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/Public/videos/ 192.xxx.x.xx(rw,no_root_squash)

The C200 then sees everything, and you can add that share via a nfs:///mnt/DroboFS/Shares/Public/videos/. Is there an equivalent smb.conf file which doesn’t get overwritten?

Sounds like you only tried the default Public share, have you tried creating a new share and accessing it or using an actual user/password? That seems to be the only difference from my setup and my FreeAgent player can play using SMB just fine. I know it shouldn’t matter, but the default Public share has full read/write access for “Everyone” and setting up a new share and/or putting permissions on it could help.

Also, are you trying a specific media format or have you tried different types of videos and music or images as well? My friend has a popcorn hour and said that he has specific issues with his if he tries using mkv files over SMB.

I know this is obvious…but have you also rebooted your drobo during your testing? I don’t want to assume you did, but if you made a lot of changes to your network settings and/or shares then rebooting should make sure that your network and SMB is all serving correctly. If something is wrong, the reboot should help make it more obvious.

Yes, I tried setting up a share with a username/password ( for the nmt). I rebooted. That didn’t work.

I just tried an mvix Ultio which is based on a similar chipset to your FreeAgent. It connected just fine to Public ( even without a password or login) and it streamed perfectly. There is something about Popcorn hour + Drobo that makes networking a pain.

One of the troubles with setting up a new share is that I would have to copy all my media over to that share. I can’t seem to fine a way to just quickly move stuff between shares on the Drobo FS. Is that even possible?

The C200 has one week to connect and then … it goes away. Nice little device though.


Edit: Warnings seem to have helped as I can now connect using NFS. Now, if only smb would work.


I have the same issues with NFS and my Tvix + Drobo. I can’t seem to get NFS to work on the Drobo.

I havn’t gotten to the part where I can say that NFS works on Drobo yet so i cant test it on the Tvix. Anyone got some ideas for how to verify NFS.

From reading your reply, it doesn’t sound like a new share will help. In case I’m reading it wrong, you can easily move all of your files on the Drobo FS from one share to another. Just connect using SSH and move the files from one shared folder to the new one. It should fast since you aren’t copying the files.

$ mv /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/Public/* /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/NewShare/.

again, I don’t think this helps but at least you know you can move files if you ever need to in the future.