DroboFS and Linux

I want to setup the following setup:
I’ve got a ubuntu 11.04 64 bit server with connects to my DroboFS via ethernet port on one subnet (let say and connects via wireless connection to my wifi router (let’s say On that network are all my other computers (laptops mainly).

I’ve setup the interfaces but I can’t get the droboutils (running on the ububtu) to recognize the drobo. Also running the drobodashboard on the laptops can’t reach the drobo.
pinging works.

So my questions are:

  1. Is my setup feasible ?
  2. Can the droboutils access DroboFS ?
  3. Can I access my drobo via other methods (http, ssh,…)


  1. Sorry, no can do. The dashboard uses a broadcast to the network it is in to find the Drobo. In other words, if your Drobo is sitting on the 192.168.2.xxx subnet, it won’t reply to requests from dashboards on the 192.168.1.xxx subnet, even if they are going through the same wire.

  2. I’m not familiar with droboutils. To be honest, I did the initial setup on my FS using the dashboard, and since then I have exclusively used SSH.

  3. Yes. The official DroboApp repository has a pseudo-droboapp that enables the embedded dropbear SSH server. Otherwise you can get a full port of OpenSSH from here.

thank you for your reply - I’ll go and do some reading to find another solution…