DroboElite Disk Pack on DroboPro

Let’s say I created 16 Smart Volumes on the Elite, can I take the Disk Pak & put it in a DroboPro and access them?
Similar question - what if I created 250 Smart Volumes? Will the DroboPro allow me to access the 1st 16 & ignore the rest?
Even w/ the customer loyaty discount, the Elite is still beyond my reach. I’ll also reiterate these question in pre-sales support.

You cannot migrate drives from a Pro to an Elite or vice versa.


Hummme, that’s not good but tks for the officlal reply.

wow, that is very surprising

Surprising would be an understatement. Disappointing & perplexing are more appropriate! I can forget abt the Elite & stock up on the Pro.

Same for me, no way to add the Elite under these circumstances.


It’s because the firmwares on the Pro vs the Elites are different.

yeah, but you can upgrade from drobo v2 to drobopro, and they must have very different firmwares :slight_smile:

Not as much difference between the Pro and Drobo on firmware. But I honestly I can’t answer those questions since I don’t write the firmware. I just know with the Pro and the Elite, the firmware is too different to migrate a diskpack from a Pro to an Elite or vice versa.