DroboDash not updating ?


I have attached a screenshot of what I am talking about.


Are the other releases BETA? Why hasn’t DroboDashboard not detected that is not the latest version.

All where can I found out what has been fixed between releases?

new firmwares are first posted on the website… then usually a couple of weeks later they are pushes out to dashboard.

if the fix is very minor then they may not be pushed out to dashboard at all (since firmware updating should only be done if it actually fixes an issues you are having)


click on “release notes” on that page

The Dashboard you are looking at 1.8.x, was release for the new DroboPro FS. You can update to that Dashboard, but there are no major fixes in this Dashboard.

And what Docchris stated is true. We release updates on our Web page first, currently 1.7.3 is the latest version on our site and then it turns into an auto update. The Auto Update version is what Dashboard checks to see if you are up to date.

Thanks for clearing that up.

If there has really not changed much in this v.1.8.2, why does it exist anyways? :wink:
Would be sad though, considering the constant (connection) issues one (at least me) has with the dashboard!!

Can I just safely download those and try it, as my “system” is NOT running (properly) at the moment anyways?

And where are those beta releases usually published? Didn’t notice them yet. I’m always happy to test those, yet I really hate it when they get hidden (while being public betas) instead of promoted, how do the devs expect getting any feedback??

I mean who uses beta “accidentally” and without proper care seems to be unable to read, but I don’t advise following the paranoid legal craze of the US, but rather put trust into the educated (drobo) user.

Just my 2 cents.

What I’m curious about is that the version of Drobo Dashboard I have installed, and what is listed as current (1.7.3) does not match the screen shots on the drobo.com web site under Drobo Dashboard. Any idea when that version will be released?

Curious about this too. I still love my 2nd-generation 4 bay Drobo, but have been reading around the Drobo site while I consider an upgrade to the new USB3 Drobo S. The dash in all the screenshots on the site looks nothing like what I use now, despite the fact that my dashboard claims it’s up to date?

If you’re talking about the dark-background Dashboard shots, that’s the “upcoming” Dashboard, likely launching with the business class number/letter-named Drobo units.

I believe someone here mentioned it will be able to manage our lower-end Drobos as well.

So the new Dashboard 2.0 is out, and released. I “checked for updates” in my existing Dashboard (the 1.8 version that supported the FS that I had temporarily, I have a Gen 1 only at the moment) and it said that there were no updates available.

I downloaded 2.0 manually, installed and rebooted and it works fine. I don’t really see any new features yet, and it blows away your email settings for alerts, but it seems to work just fine.

Why doesn’t Dashboard offer to update itself to this version after 2.0 has been out for about a month?

for the reasons stated in post number 3 in this thread i would imagine!

I can understand that some people wouldn’t want to move forward as they don’t have any problems, but shouldn’t Dashboard “offer” to update and let people say “not now” or “not ever” if they are happy?

Often times major version changes leave old stuff behind, so it’d be an invitation for complaints if 1.8 that supports your old Drobo told you “Hey! v2.0 is out!! BUT IT DOESN’T SUPPORT YOUR DROBO!”

Just like how people get all pissy with manufacturers when their 7-year-old printer isn’t going to get a Windows 7 driver. :wink:

@spiney - i suspect its more that it will come - but not yet!