I’m using Drobocopy to run nightly on a PC that is on 24/7. It is working normally, but if I reboot the computer the Dashboard says that the Drobocopy didn’t run as scheduled, like it assumed the PC was off all night even when I know it ran normally. It’s more irritating than anything else…can this be corrected in the next release?

I have not seen this issue before.

How do you have your drobocopy set up?

ooh DroboCopy sounds good…

i have a v1 drobo as my main one, and a v2 one for remote backup.
every few months i plug them both into a windows machine and do a manual copy and paste to synch them. (takes ages - especially if i forget to turn off the antivirus and a file lock causes explorer to crash or something :slight_smile:

Is there an official product that can be used to keep 2 drobos in synch?
if that is what drobo copy is please can you paste some more info about it as it sounds good :smiley:

there was a guy called SuiteB who had lots of very useful info but i dont know if his methods and posts made it to the new forum?


DroboCopy files from a source location to a destination location. You can set up for a time frame. Like I back up my work computer every Saturday morning at 8am since I don’t work on Saturdays.

It’s part of dashboard 1.3.1 and higher.

ahh thanks Jennifer,
if i had 1 folder on my v1 drobo, and if my computer can see the 2nd (v2 drobo), can i use it to synch between 2 drobos? (and does it included subfolders or do i need to set up each and every folder?)

You can select the top most folder in the directory and everything would be copied over.

DroboCopy looks at source and destination so if your computer can see both then you will be able to set one as source and the other as destination.


many thanks indeed

I’m running XP Pro and I have a simple copy job set for 2 AM nightly.

Well…if I had actually CHECKED the drobocopy logs instead of making assumptions, I would have noticed that it indeed has been skipping some copy jobs, but why it would run jobs one night and not another is a mystery to me. The PC is not set to hibernate or sleep, nor do the drives spin down when idle…except for the Drobo of course.

Guess I jumped before I should have on that one.

Did they fail or just not run?

If they fail, there would be a log.

Looks like it just didn’t run. I ran the job manually and it finished fine.