I just installed the latest dashboard and firmware for my Drobo V2. I like the new enhancements, but I’m curious as to what would be the advantage to using the Drobocopy for folder backups versus using the MS backup utility included with Windows XP?

Soon after posting this, it occured on me that they are not the same. If I understand correctly, Drobocopy simply copies the files/folders in their original format…which can be navigated, read or opened without requiring the original backup software to open the files for us from its native format.

I wonder if Drobocopy will just skip over files already in the backup location…or if it will give some kind of “file already exists” alert. I guess I’ll find out after I set up my own Drobocopy task.

Let us know if you find it useful. I usually skip bundled backup apps and use a more specialized app - like Unison or SyncBackSE.

I use PureSync.

I’m currently using DroboCopy to back up a couple of folders to my Drobo. All it does is make sure that the destination folder is an exact copy of your original: files are added and deleted, modified files are updated.

So yes, it will skip over files that already exist in the backup location if they are already up-to date copies of your originals. After the backup has run, you can view a report telling you how many files have been added, changed or deleted from the backup.

It works well for what I want it to do: there is no versioning, compression, etc. The scheduling works well - and it will warn you if you didn’t have your Drobo plugged in when the backup was supposed to run - but I wish I could schedule runs more frequently than just daily.

Works well for my needs too…backing up my BeyondTV folder. If more frequent runs are what you want, you can create multiple schedules to run the same task…just at different times.