DroboCopy vs SuperDuper!


  • Mac OS 10.5.8
  • 2nd Generation Drobo (Drobo Firmware: 1.3.0, Drobo Dashboard: 1.5.1)

I know that SuperDuper! differs from DroboCopy in that its main purpose is to create bootable backups, but how does DroboCopy compare to it in terms of integrity? For example, can I create a “DroboCopy” event to copy my entire drive to a folder on my Drobo that can then be used to create a bootable drive if needed in the future by copying it all back to a usable drive? (Presumably the “Resolve symbolic links” and “Include system files” Advanced Settings need to be checked, right?)

I currently have a drive for Time Machine backups; a drive for making bootable copies of my computer (using SuperDuper!), and the Drobo for manual backups of random files, movie storage, and photography (Lightroom 2 Catalog, etc.). There is enough space to have an additional copy of my computer’s drive on the Drobo, but I’m wondering if this is pragmatic or overkill. What do you use DroboCopy for?