Drobocopy unable to complete

I have yet to complete a drobocopy from my new 27 iMac. This is the error Drobo Dashboard was not able to complete the DroboCopy ‘imac27_lilmill’. Please correct the problem and run this DroboCopy again. How can I fix the problem if I don’t know what it is. The from folder is my user folder in osx. Is there some security settings that might be stopping the transfer…

You can look at the Last Report in your DroboCopy settings or open a support case.

Keeps on saying cannot open file

this is what is says. Errors:
/Volumes/DroboFS/0db103270267/1/drobo/drobocopy/imac27_lilmill/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History/http:%2F%2Finsideapple.apple.com%2Fredir%2Fcbx-cgi.do?v=2&la=en&lc=us&a=lHisCxpKUVixPGInhIoGvgOVZgy68FBRvPjwPLQB1Ae0fSKOa0kK8nfjG4dBe8ot7vCEpIBkEvb6Te81dFIjT56khl51r8EX%252FImLcvkzwSVEIslrFt4CbcPB%252Bhh5d8%252FLDo2DcS8bxQPQU4Yw9uByUw%253D%253D.webhistory – Couldn’t create

I’m pretty sure that this file exceeds the file name length limitations on pretty much all file transfer protocols supported by the FS.

I would suggest the following: clear you Safari browser cache, and try again.