DroboCopy or other backup software

Just wondering what other people use to backup data to or from their drobo?

Are people using the drobocopy? If not what are the better backup apps ?

The thing I don’t like about drobocopy is that you cannot see the files being copied in the background and you don’t know what stage it is up to. Is there a way to change this? Also it seems fairly slow but I’m not sure.

I am looking for a robust solution to do incremental/replication b/w a 3.5TB Freenas server and the equivalent size drobo (ie: 4 x1.5 TB) which I would do once a week.

Tks to Suite B, I’ve been SyncBack & SyncBackPro and never look back to drobocopy & the hi price tag Acronis Backup Recovery 10. I also tried MS/SyncToy but still SyncBack is a nice free backup/restore tool.

I use PureSync freeware utility. So far I’m very satisfied with it. :slight_smile:


What about for Mac OS X? ChronoSync ?

For the Mac I use Carbon Copy Cloner

rsync -avE “source directory” “destination directory”

Its free. Its part of OS X.

Thanks - I realise that, but a GUI would be easier.

carbon copy cloner is shareware and fully functional from day one.

I had a look at carbon copy cloner, but from the moment I launch the application it takes about 1 min to do anything. So for instance it will take at least 1 min to load all the HD files and directories in the view, then when you tick or untick something, it takes another minute or so and so on. There is something not right with this program (perhaps the version)? I have version 3.2.1. Using OS X 10.5.8. ??

can’t say that i have noticed this myself, although i have schedules set up so it just does the copies automatically.