DroboCopy: Is this issue typical?


I am a new Drobo user. I have a 2nd generation Drobo connected to a DroboShare, I’m using Vista, and when I set up the Drobo/DroboShare, I selected NTFS and the maximum possible partition.

All software and firmware updates have been applied.

24 hours ago I started my first backup from my primary desktop box via DroboCopy.

The settings were to copy the entirety of my C: drive, including system files, to a directory called Desktop on the Drobo.

There is about 650GB of information on my C: drive. DroboCopy shows “Copy in Progress,” the DroboCopy tray icon is active, and the activity light on the DroboShare is blinking along like it’s doing something.

When I right-click the DroboCopy tray icon, the time remaining has been stuck at 185 hours and 48 minutes since about two hours after I started the backup process.

When I right-click, via Windows Explorer, on the Drobo’s Desktop folder, the only thing in that folder is a Windows folder.

The properties tell me that there are files totaling 16.1MB in 57 files and 14 folders. The newest date on a folder in that directory is from yesterday at 11:29AM CST, about six and a half hours after I started the process.

Getting any sort of file information (right-click/properties for instance) out of the Drobo via Windows Explorer was very, very slow and failed a few times before displaying, but I suppose that stands to reason given that the device is … allegedly busy backing up my data, heh.

I’m a bit concerned about wondering if I should be concerned at this point. :wink:

Is this normal behavior? With anything else that I’m familiar with, I’d be convinced that something was frozen, stuck, or otherwise unhappy.

Any tips, advice, insight, or other useful replies will be met with abundant appreciation, and possibly a few improbable declarations of undying gratitude up to but not including my voicing remorse that I never had any children, as I could have indentured them in your service, and you would never need to mow the lawn or fetch your own beverage ever again.

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Are you trying to backup your C: drive? You may run into quite a few problems if you’re doing this in Vista. It can be a Nazi when it comes to file permissions, especially for system files. My guess is your DroboCopy is stuck on either a locked file or a file that it doesn’t have sufficient permission to open. Even logged in as an administrator level user there will be files that Vista won’t allow you access to.

I’d recommend using a third party backup utility such as Acronis.


I use Clonezilla. It’s not quite as friendly as Acronis, but it’s a free alternative.

Well, piddle. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate your effort!

I’ve exhausted myself trying to make DroboCopy work as advertised, but I guess I’m going to give in and look at third party utilities.

Thanks again!

Drobocopy does not take advantage of Volume Shadow Copy, the issue is if it detects a locked file, it is SUPPOSE to skip it, but can get major hangups because of this.

I know Windows7 can do Network Drives, and I believe you can trick Windows Vista into backing up to a network drive if you do an absolute path to it.

I have also heard this software is pretty good and free: http://www.todo-backup.com/

Thank you!