Drobocopy - discontinued!

I just had a message from Drobo support - I’ve been unable to use Drobocopy since the last Dashboard update for OS X Lion about 6 weeks ago.

Their response - Drobocopy will no longer be made available as a feature!

I used this feature a LOT. Looks like I’ll be buying another QNAP and using RSYNC - bye bye Drobo for good.

It’s not like the Drobo is exactly feature rich - removing this one makes it even less attractive.

Anyone want to buy a Drobo Pro? It’s about 18 months old. Get in touch if so, it will be sold very soon.


Sorry, already sold mine and got a synology which was cheaper, faster, can be logged into remotely by support for trouble shooting… Well the list is endless

I’m the “die hard” droboPro/droboElite/B800i user here. How much?