I know this may be a controversial topic. I have a new FS, about 30 days old. The warranty it comes with is not as good as one would expect for the price of the unit and reputation.

Is the cost for additional Drobocare coverage justified? I hate to spend 1/3 or more of the cost of the unit for 3 years of coverage. What has been your experience with Drobo products and does one need additional coverage?

My Drobo is used in a home setting, backing up several Macs and a PC. Storage for photos, movies, music and other personal items.

Thanks for your input!

Joe P.

It’s basically like any other maintenance err… um… insurance policy on computer gear. If your unit fails prematurely it was a good investment, otherwise you wasted money. How much is your data and peace of mind worth and… do you feel lucky? :slight_smile: