Drobocare /can/ be purchased and activated anytime within the first year.

Just got off the phone with Sky, a second level drobo support tech, and I asked her pointedly “Can I purchase drobocare anytime within the first year?” She said “Yes.”

Drobocare also runs from the date it is activated. I purchased my DroboS on March 31, 2011. I have until March 31, 2012 to purchase and activate drobocare. If I activate drobocare on March 31, 2012 then I have drobocare until March 31, 2013.

Drobocare has to be activated within 30 days of purchasing. From their site "You should purchase DroboCare BEFORE the standard warranty or active DroboCare contract expires, but no more than 30 days before expiration. Keep in mind that your DroboCare contract must be activated within 30 days of purchase.

This changes everything for me. I’ll probably buy drobocare next March for my DroboS.

Good tO know!

It still doesn’t really address when happens between days 91 and 365 when your Drobo is eligible for hardware replacement, but not tech support to diagnose if the hardware does indeed need replacement. Again, if they want to try and copy the AppleCare model here, Apple has stores people can physically go to at any time for tech support whether or not they have a valid warranty and the warranty only matters in terms of actual repair/replacement of hardware.

Here’s the new plan:

  1. You buy Drobo. Call this day zero.

  2. On day 90 your Drobo tech support expires but you sit tight because either you live in Europe, and/or you are Docchris who gets free support :-), or you think Doccris is right and I am wrong, or… even if you think I was right, you sit tight :-). (see previous thread on this)

  3. If you are lucky and don’t need support you buy Drobocare during the 12th or 24th month depending on where you live and your warranty terms (see note 1)

  4. Even if you are not lucky and you need tech support, go ahead, give 'em a call and see if Doccris is right. And report back here :-). If you get your tech support, don’t forget to buy Drobocare during your last month of warranty, per step #3.

  5. If I am right and Dochris is wrong, then DRI will refuse tech support. In this event, get your butt onto the DRI site and pay up for your Drobocare. Then revisit your support case. You’re a payin’ customer!

Note 1: In any event, if your specific model is discontinued prior to the end of your warranty, you… just… might… want to pull the trigger on that Drobocare :-).

I welcome any comments and/or critiques of my new plan :-). This is a little more complicated than most product warranties but simpler than filing a Small Claims Court case to get your tech support, which is the fall back position previously determined, just in case you miss a step somewhere :slight_smile: