Hi, I currently have numerous apps running on my Drobo FS.

I have gone to install rsync from the droboadmin interface and it will not install. I have then gone to install it the other way through the network and put the file in the droboapps folder but that is now asking me for a password and username.

Assistance will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

ok, update…

i have managed to get rSync running (i think) and installed, or the other way round.

but i still cant get into the droboadmin page…if i go to [DroboFSIP]:8080 all is good but when i click on here it says page isnt found![hr]
but i cant get rutorrent to work anymore…i cant even delete the files from the droboapp share and start again!!!

bloody machine

What’s the URL the clicking is trying to get to? It might be that it’s referencing by name and the name doesn’t exist in the local DNS or hostfile.


Bummer… was hoping it was just a DNS thing.