DroboApps without DroboShare?

Just a fast question about some confusion I have.

There are a couple of apps I want to try and they all refer to the apps folder. The apps folder I see only seems to be creatable through the DroboShare options. I don’t have a DroboShare. So, can you run apps, like Yoics just with a Drobo alone, or do you need a DroboShare? I can’t seem to find where it says to run DroboApps, you must have a DroboShare, but its looking like that is the case. Is that correct?



Only DroboShare supports DroboApps (http://www.drobo.com/products/droboshare.php).

Drobo is not a server, DroboShare is it.

A few of the apps have been ported over from other operating systems from instance firefly.
If you do not have a droboshare you could run a copy of this on your PC and then use the drobo as data store via the usb/firewire cable.

Using firefly as an example I would say the main point in the DroboShare is that you do not have to have a PC on all the time serving content to other devices.