DroboApps share and Dashboard...


After updating firmware the DroboApps share is no longer mountable via dashboard when logged in as admin.

ssh can be used to copy files to DroboApps, and the mount can be done manually such as with the Drobovm crosscompiler. It would be nice to have it back on the Mac Finder.

The reason it seems to be related to the firmware update is that it happened on two different DroboFS. One is used as the main NAS and the other is used to backup the main NAS.

Any ideas on how to correct?

Thank you

hi stephen,
there might be a way to reverse the last update, but i think you need to very closely coordinate it with support.

(was there a particular reason that you decided to update the firmware)?

(btw i included a ref to your post, here, just in case someone replied about your question there heres the link for you:

You probably don’t want to downgrade the firmware as the Drobo may not recognize the diskpack since the drives would be updated further than the firmware.
Even though the DroboApps share doesn’t show in Dashboard you can still map to it from your OS. On a Mac, you can do that from Finder > Go > Connect to server.


Thank you for the thoughts. Further exploring suggests this is a dashboard issue. Using Finder and connecting in the admin allows me to access the share; the immediate goal is achieved. There is no clear reason the dashboard is not working as it used to though.

As to upgrading the firmware on the drobos… The last few updates had some corrections I wanted. Otherwise, if it is not broken it is left as is.

If the reason or correction for the dashboard ever becomes clear, it will be shared.